Best Pet Affiliate Programs

Pets are loving members of any family, and it certainly shows—in the US alone, pet owners spent $95.7 billion on their pets during 2019. Experts are estimating that this number will rise to a whopping $99 billion during 2020. It’s safe to say that there’s a lot of commission to earn as an affiliate within this niche.

But, before you jump head-first into the world of pet food, accessories and more—we’re going to share some of the best pet affiliate programs. These will help you get a friendly boop in the right direction.

Here’s a quick sneak-peak at the best pet affiliate programs:

  • Brain Training for Dogs.
  • Ollie.
  • Holista Pet.
  • FurHaven Pet Products.
  • Pet Pro Supply Co.
  • Zooplus.
  • Whistle.

The 8 Best Pet Affiliate Programs

There are many pet affiliate programs to choose between, but it’s essential to choose what’s right for you. Do you want to promote accessories? Pet food? Maybe you have a particular site dedicated to dogs, cats or even fish? Choose an appropriate program that has a lot to offer for your specific niche.

With that hare out of the way, here are the best pet affiliate programs:

1. Brain Training for Dogs

We might be starting a bit too specific for some, but for dog-lovers, this is an excellent place to start. Brain Training 4 Dogs focusses on dog training—you’ll be promoting a 7-module training video.

One of the best things about this training course is that instead of using disciplinary techniques, it trains your dog by learning new games. There’s no force involved in the training, so you can be sure that you’re promoting a dog-friendly course.

As an affiliate, you’ll get a 75 percent commission on every sale. The course itself costs an average of $32, so you can make a decent amount.

2. Ollie

What type of food you feed your best friend can have great impacts on your dog’s health. But, many pet parents aren’t even fully aware of what their dog is actually consuming. 

Did you know that far too many dog food manufacturers add fillers such as cereal by-products, cottonseed hulls and peanut hulls to their products? These add no value to the meal and are best avoided.

This is where Ollie comes into the picture. Ollie is a dog food connoisseur that has developed a line of human-grade dog food for both the largest and the smallest doggies.

There are no added fillers or artificial flavors and the food is developed with minimal processing—making it a healthy choice for any canine.

Ollie is actually a subscription service that delivers dog food straight to pet owners’ doors across the country.

If you want to become an Ollie affiliate, you’ll first have to join the program there. As an affiliate, you can earn up to $60 per sale and the site uses a 30-day cookie—meaning, even if a customer doesn’t order right away, you can still earn your commission if they come back within 30 days.

Keep in mind, Ollie delivers exclusively to the US (excluding Alaska and Hawaii), so this has to suit your audience.

3. Holista Pet

The CBD industry is booming—or should we say blooming—at the moment, and pet products aren’t excluded. Holista Pet is one of the leading companies in this market, selling a whole range of CBD-infused treats, oils and edibles for pets. You can find products for cats, dogs and horses as well.

The brand uses a C02 extraction that ensures the products are free of heavy metals, solvents and other harmful things. All hemp is sourced directly from Colorado—only the best for the pets, right?

Many pet owners are beginning to look more into CBD treatments for various health problems since there are no side effects. Traditional medications can affect pets in different ways.

As an Holista Pet affiliate, you’ll get the chance to earn a commission of 25 to 40 percent per sale.

4. FurHaven Pet Products

A comfy bed for your trusty pet is something most pet owners are happy to spend a few bucks on. When it comes to luxurious pet beds, FurHaven is the place to go as the brand offers an incredible variety in both style and prices.

What makes Furhaven stand out is that the brand also makes orthopedic beds for any pet with sore legs or body. Apart from selling comfy sleep arrangements for pets, FurHaven is an ever-growing brand that offers cat playgrounds, window perches, car seat accessories and more.

Affiliates earn a 10 percent commission per sale. Some of FurHaven’s pet beds can cost well up to $200, which will make you an excellent profit.

In order for you to join FurHaven’s affiliate program, you’ll have to first sign up to ShareASale.

5. Pet Pro Supply Co

Pet Pro Supply Co isn’t targeting pet owners exclusively—the company’s main target audience are dog trainers, groomers, vets and other professionals. In saying that, the company also has a lot to offer for pet owners who want premium equipment and supplies for their pets.

Pet Pro is a leading brand with lots to offer when it comes to pet care products—you can find anything from dog crates, bathtubs, hairdryers to veterinary surgery tables. 

What really sets this company apart from the rest is its level of expertise. Furthermore, prices are very attractive despite the high-quality of the products.

According to Pet Pro Supply Co, its average order value is around $700. You, as an affiliate, will earn 4 percent per sale. This might not sound like a whole lot, but considering the average order value, you could make a decent profit.

If you want to become an affiliate, you have to join ShareASale first and then join the program there.


Sure, we’ve already mentioned one pet bed giant on our list, but we can’t make a best pet affiliate programs list without This brand makes beautiful dog beds that are not only comfy, but also very stylish.

The beds are made to look like regular throw rugs, but are actually super soft and snuggly beds for dogs. The beds are specifically designed to suit dogs of all ages—meaning they’re made with replaceable covers and odor-resistant materials. Additionally, each bed comes with a 10-year guarantee that it won’t flatten—excellent for older or injured dogs. 

Apart from beds, also has a line of car accessories, such as seat and door covers.

As a affiliate, you’ll get a 20 percent commission per sale.

7. Zooplus

If your main audience is based in Europe, Zooplus is the way to go. This pet store giant has been in the business since 1999. The company has more than 8.000 products that are being sold to pet families across Europe—including items for dogs, cats, fish, birds as well as smaller pets such as mice hamsters, rats and guinea pigs.

You can find a range of products, such as food, accessories and at-home treatments. Promoting the various products is rather easy—each product comes with reviews from customers, some will even post a few pictures.

To join the Zooplus UK affiliate program, you have to join through CJ Affiliates. Commission rates for this program are rather low—2 to 3 percent—however, according to CJ, Zooplus has an earning score of 4/5.

8. Whistle

Whistle is a dog GPS tracker manufacturer that has seen much success lately. The brand manufacturers unique GPS tracking dog collars that also have a built-in health monitor.

Many dog owners purchase a GPS tracker for their dog in case the pup ever gets stolen. Others will fit their notorious escape artist with a tracking device to help locate them if they’re on the run. 

What sets Whistle apart from the competition is the added health monitoring feature. The device will keep track of your dogs’ behavior and monitor things like excessive scratching or licking. Each device is fitted with a waterproof casing, night light and 20-day battery life.

One slight downside to the Whistle GO collar is that the customer has to pay a monthly subscription just shy of $10. The subscription is necessary for the owner to connect the tracker to a network. In saying that, if you’re in the right niche, this shouldn’t be an issue.

Affiliates will earn 20 percent in commission per sale. In addition to that, you also get access to handy features such as optimized ads and links you can use on your site.

Paw-Some Earnings

If you’re an animal lover with a niche site in need of an income, joining one or more of the best pet affiliate programs is a must. All of the programs on our list have lots to offer when it comes to products, services and, not to mention, commission.

Figure out your specific niche to make your earnings even more reliable. Keep in mind, many pet affiliate programs are a part of larger affiliate marketing networks—such as ShareASale and CJ Affiliates. Joining these is an excellent way to get access to several programs within the pet niche.

Go get your share of the pet business pie!


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