Best Travel Affiliate Programs

2019 was a big year for traveling—in fact, the travel and tourism industry experienced a growth of 3.5 percent. Due to the impressive growth, the travel and tourism industry contributed with $8.9 trillion to the world’s GDP—very impressive. 

Unfortunately, due to the current pandemic, Covid-19, traveling has taken a halt. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t plan ahead as to where you’d like to visit next.

In today’s article, we’ll be going through the best travel affiliate programs to check out.

The best travel affiliate programs include:

  • TripAdvisor.
  • Agoda.
  • Amazon Associates.
  • Airbnb Referrals.
  • SkyScanner.
  • Cruise Direct.
  • Kayak.
  • World Nomads.

Before you decide to sign up for any program, keep in mind that there is likely to be an approval period. Some of these are done manually while others are automatically done—sites will usually look at your monthly or yearly visiting rates, some will even look at your content. 

Other sites use affiliate programs such as CJ Affiliates or Affiliates Network—if you’re already a member of any of these, you automatically have a headstart.

Best Travel Affiliate Programs infographic

Now that we have that out of the way, here are the top choices for affiliate marketers:


If you’re a frequent traveler, you’re likely well-aware of This is one of the leading travel companies in the world—is available in 43 languages and offers over 28 million accommodations world-wide. had a humble beginning in 1996, starting out as a small Dutch traveling company in Amsterdam.

Today, offers much more than just hotel bookings—you can book apartments, homes, flights, transportation and even attractions.

All of this makes an excellent place to start for an affiliate. Furthermore, the low rates that offers make it an attractive choice for possible consumers.

Commission Rate has a very favorable commission rate. First of all, you get a percentage out of every booking your link leads to—which could be quite impressive. Additionally, the percentage increases as your links are leading to more bookings. 

All in all, you can earn between 25 and 40 percent depending on how many bookings you create.

2. TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is another well-known company. The site and app offer more than 860 million travel reviews and personal opinions of travelers. Additionally, TripAdvisor is available in 28 languages across 49 markets—so, no matter where you are, TripAdvisor is an excellent choice.

If you choose TripAdvisor, you have to go through CJ Affiliates or Awin. But, TripAdvisor helps you through the process by providing links to either one of these.

Commission Rate

TripAdvisor offers a very high commission rate of a minimum of 50 percent. Furthermore, it doesn’t matter whether or not your links lead to a booking—as long as your viewers are clicking through to the booking site, you earn a commission.

3. Agoda

With a little under 1 million accommodations around the world, Agoda offers plenty of options for you to recommend your audience. The travel company offers hotels and private rentals, which means you get a good variety to offer your audience.

Before becoming an affiliate for Agoda, you must become approved first. However, their approval process is done manually, and all there’s required is that you have a website or blog.

One slight downside of the Agoda affiliate program is that you have to reach $200 before you get a payout. 

Commission Rate

With the Agoda affiliate program, you can earn up to 60 percent in commission. Additionally, the site offers text links, data feeds and search boxes and you get to use hotel power ads which will help to increase your revenue.

4. Amazon Associates

Yes, I know what you’re thinking, Amazon doesn’t deal with travels—but, Amazon does sell travel equipment.

If you’re into camping, you can find nearly everything you need, such as tents and gear, on Amazon. Similarly, if your followers need new luggage, you can recommend your favorite pieces from Amazon.

To become a member of Amazon Associates, all you have to do is join and once you’re approved, you can get started.

Commission Rate

Amazon’s affiliate commission structure works by categories. For example, since you’re writing or blogging about travels, you might recommend luggage, which falls under the category Apparel—here, you’ll earn a commission of 7 percent.

But, if you were to recommend tents and other camping gear, this would fall under the Outdoors category. Here, you can earn a commission of 5.5 percent.

5. Airbnb Referrals

Nowadays, many travelers want to avoid busy and expensive hotels. Instead, they crave a more homey experience, which they can get by renting another person’s home.

Airbnb is a very popular rentals company—never before has it been this easy to rent an entire house or apartment for even just a single night. It provides a safe method for travelers and hosts to communicate as well as exchange payments.

There are two different affiliate programs you can join: Guest affiliates and Host affiliates. Additionally, Airbnb also has a referral program that anyone can join.

Commission Rate

The Airbnb affiliate program is very tricky to get into. It requires you to have 1 million monthly visits to your site, which is quite steep even for a popular traveling site. Furthermore, the commission rate is a deep dark secret of Airbnb—only actual affiliates know what they earn.

But, if you still want to join the world of Airbnb, try the referral program—anyone can join. But, you don’t receive money, you get travel points. By getting your friends and family to join Airbnb, make reservations and complete the reservations, you can earn up to $28 in travel credit.

6. SkyScanner

SkyScanner might’ve started out as a simple flight search engine; however, it has grown to become so much more. Today, you can use the convenience of SkyScanner to search for available flights, hotels and even cars to hire.

The affiliate program provides you with lots of material for a website or blog. You can generate a widget that can sit where your followers are most likely to take action. The widget will take them straight to the SkyScanner website—and you might earn your commission.

Commission Rate

To join the program, you’ll first have to join Affiliates Network. After joining this program, you can create flight widgets, deep links and banners to share on your site or social media. You’ll earn a commission whenever someone books via your link.

7. Cruise Direct

Who doesn’t like cruising the Seven Seas while sipping on a fruity cocktail—or mocktail if that’s what you prefer. All jokes aside, if you want to recommend cruises to your audience, Cruise Direct is the place to go.

On Cruise Direct, you’ll find some of the most popular—and best—cruise lines around the world. The site offers an attractive rate and 45-day tracking cookies. This means even if a customer doesn’t purchase a cruise today, you’ll still earn a commission if they decide to do so within 45 days.

Commission Rate

Cruise Direct offers a commission rate of 3 percent. This may not sound as impressive as the 60 percent Agoda offers, but, keep in mind we’re talking about cruises. The average cruise trip costs around $150—and that would be a budget trip. 

Multiply that by how many people are traveling and you could earn yourself a decent commission.

8. Kayak Affiliates

Kayak is another flight search engine that’s used by millions of travelers. The site also offers hotel bookings and car rentals—so there’s lots of material to promote.

Kayak offers your regular travel affiliate program where you get to manage the different products you’d like to integrate into your content. The site also has a white label and API integration program; this allows you to control every part of the services you’re promoting. It also provides you with easy management over your account and a flexible rate structure.

Commission Rate

Kayak has quite an attractive commission rate of up to 50 percent per sale. Additionally, you get to create a flight search widget that you can use on your site.

9. World Nomads Partner Program

World Nomads is a traveling insurance company, made by travelers for travelers—very catchy. The company is powered by a team of professionals that help travelers from 140 countries with medical and evacuation insurance.

The site also offers 24-hour emergency assistance as well as 150 adventure activities. The company has gone above and beyond in making traveling easier and safer by creating language guides, travel blogs and travel insights.

You might wonder how this will work for an affiliate marketer. Well, travelers need insurance, and there’s lots of content to use, such as travel safety advice and language guides.

Commission Rate

World Nomads partner program is free to join, it also offers help from partner managers to help you create the best content. You can earn a 10 percent commission rate and the site offers 60-day tracking cookies.

Best Travel Affiliate Programs: The Top Spot

What’s better than traveling to new destinations, have new experiences and meeting new people? Making money while doing it of course.

Travel affiliate programs have lots to offer when it comes to opportunities and commission rates. Be creative in your content, and you might just start earning a second income while on vacation.


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