How Long Should a Blog Post Be?

You’re probably familiar with blogs. Have you ever stumbled upon a long post, only to have to scroll through loads of text before reaching the information you wanted?

It drives us up the wall and this is why everyone needs to know the answer to the question “how long should a blog post be?” This knowledge will help you keep readers engaged and coming back for more.

We answer this crucial question and more in this post, and without all the unnecessary tidbits like our entire life history, for example?

How long should a blog post be includes:

  • Blog post length.
  • Why blog?
  • How to write a blog post.
  • Importance of SEO.
  • How to outsource your blog.

Optimal Blog Post Length

For those that want to cut straight to the chase, we’ll give you the answer right off the bat. Warning: It changes from year to year, based on Google’s algorithms.

Experts may have slightly different responses, as well. But from 2018 until now, the optimal post length has ranged from around 1500 to 2000 words.

What everyone can agree on, however, is that quality trumps length. If you’re producing a 1000-word blog post full of valuable information, the chances of it being read and shared is greater than a fluffy 2000-word piece.

The bottom line to keep in mind is this:

  • Google prefers “long form” and the minimum figure is 1500 words.
  • If you want your post indexed by search engines, keep it above 300.
  • Does your topic deserve beyond 2000 words? Don’t shy away.

So, the answer to the question “how long should a blog post be?”, is “it depends.”

We know there’s a lot more to a blog post than length, which is why we’re giving you some more tips of the trade here.


Why Blog?

Maybe you think blogging isn’t cool anymore or that people don’t find it useful. Give us a chance here because we bet we’ll change your mind.

Blogging Increases Website Traffic

It’s safe to assume that everyone wants this. One way to go about it is by, you guessed it, blogging.

For starters, doing this adds another page to your site for Google to index. With behind-the-scenes tools like backlinking and SEO optimization, it ups the chances of people checking out your site that wouldn’t come across it otherwise.

Secondly, blogs can make for a wonderful post on social media. It’s yet another way to grab the attention of more visitors.

What happens when website traffic goes up? You get more leads and your brand establishes authority in your field. The only ending to this story is that you see the long-term results you’re after, like an increase in revenue.

Complaints? Yeah, we didn’t think so.

How to Write a Blog Post

Curious how to go about? We’ve got you covered. Our ultimate guide goes through the process from A to Z. To save you some time, here are the highlights:

1. Blog Post Styles

There are many formats to choose from, depending on what you want to share through any given post. These include anecdotal bits, news, informative, business and how-to posts.

Each one will have a slightly different structure that’s applicable to the style of content you’re producing. This gives you the opportunity to change things up and be explicit in what you’re sharing.

2. Newbie Writing Tips

For the non-writers among us, it can feel like pulling teeth. Don’t let it get you down.

We offer plenty of tips in our guide, ranging from insights on brainstorming to getting out of writer’s block. One of our favorite go-to habits here is to step away from the computer and go outside.

This might be for a solo walk or with a colleague. Getting on your feet for some fresh air can do wonders.

3. Step-by-Step Process

Last but not least, in our ultimate guide, we lay the process out for you. Your initial outline and rough draft are only the beginning of the mission.

One of our favorite components that we always recommend are media and visuals. Photos, videos and even gifs make for a wonderful way to cut up chunks of text and make the post relatable. We can’t say no to a little humor along the way, either.

Importance of SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial if you want people to see your site. Blogs are certainly no exception. It’s probably not news to you, but the following helps with that:

  • Well-written meta title and description.
  • Focus keywords.
  • Related keyword variation.
  • Internal (pun intended) and external linking.

Is Blog Outsourcing Right for Me?

If you’re finding it all too daunting and want to outsource your content instead, here are a few FAQs.

Will I Lose My Brand’s Voice?

Content creation specialists shouldn’t have that problem. Part of their job is to incorporate your brand’s voice and style into their work. If that doesn’t happen, you’ve hired the wrong people full-stop.

At Clever Touch, we have experts on board for this very reason.

How Do I Hire a Blog Writer?

The first thing we recommend is to ask around! Do you know any business owners who are already in the practice of outsourcing their blog? Word of mouth is a fantastic way of finding out who has a solid reputation for such a task.

If nothing comes up, hit up some job boards and freelance marketplaces to see what’s out there. Blog writing is a niche that’s garnered much attention these days and with the right fit, you could be on track for success.

How Long Is Long?

Blogs are beneficial to both companies and the target audience. Their conversational tone makes it easy to educate readers and entertain them at the same time.

A blog post should be long-form, ranging from 1000 to 2000 words, with 1500 being the go-to sweet spot. Quality matters most and you should avoid useless fluff at all cost. Noone likes it….recipe blogs, anyone? They can be the worst. Don’t be her.

Instead, give your readers the beneficial information that they’re after in the first place. It’ll make you trustworthy in the long-term, which is just what you need.

Don’t overlook the importance of original blog posts with fresh ideas—or the bloggers who produce it. Contact Clever Touch Marketing today, to discuss your business goals and how our content marketing team can help you.


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