How You Can Use Visual Content to Take Your Site to the Next Level

A picture is worth a thousand words, so goes the popular adage. Since prehistoric times, human beings have been fans of visual content. If prehistoric man loved visuals, so should you.

Use visual content to take your site to the next level!

Why should you do this?

Visual content is very important. Rich images on your website are sufficient to make people stay long enough to view them. This alone can reduce your bounce rate, thus boosting SEO rankings.

Not only this, your target audience will love, and we mean LOVE, the thoughtfulness you put into your website. A website devoid of visual content gives your leads the impression that your product won’t be well-made.

We’re visual beasts. How many times have you bought a product because of what it looks like rather than what it does? Come on now, be honest! Rich images are sufficient to make a person try out your product for the very first time.

Sometimes in business, the hardest thing is getting someone to try out your product for the very first time. When you’re successful with this, the first-time customer gets hooked!

How You Can Use Visual Content to Take Your Site to the Next Level

Why Are Visuals so Important?

Check out this list of reasons:

  • Easy to remember.
  • Induce emotion.
  • Easy learning.

Visuals Are Easy to Remember

The human brain is neurologically wired to love images. Almost half of the brain is involved in visual processing.

Not only that, the human eyes function much better than the other sense organs. This makes us understand an image in less than a nanosecond.

Have you ever noticed what you do when you hear a noise? You turn to look at it. This is due to the massive amount of information we obtain from purely looking at something.

Your target audience will find it much easier to remember the visual content on your website. This is because humans recall 80% of what they see and do.

Visuals Induce Emotions

Can you guess why we go to an art gallery to look at pictures and paintings? Visuals elicit emotions in us. Emotions are a great way of relating to the world around us and making sense of everyday experiences.

You see, we need to be able to connect with something to survive. Visual content helps us achieve this basic human need to connect. Sure, some of your audience may not like your visual content, but we bet that it’ll trigger some form of emotion.

Laughter, pleasure, disgust (we hope not!), sadness and intrigue are just a few emotions that we experience at first sight of visual content.

Such emotions help your target audience make decisions about your product.

When you make an effort to use visual content that affects your leads at a subconscious level, your conversion rates jump up.

Visuals Make for Easy Learning

If your target demographic is comprised of young people, visuals will make them assimilate the information on your website. But, hey, it’s not just the youngins that learn better with visuals!

Words are harder to memorize. Images, however, are processed in less than a nanosecond and stored in the memory.

This makes visuals especially valuable in making your client base associate them with your product.

Why You Should Use Visuals to Upgrade Your Website

We pray that your site already has plenty of visual content. If it doesn’t, you’re really missing out! Even if it does, consider keeping the imagery updated.

The selfie craze will only last so long!

If you really don’t feel like you need visual content or don’t fancy upgrading yours… check out our reasons why you should below.

Here they are:

  1. Modernises your content.
  2. Creates a professional appeal.
  3. Shows customers you care.

Your Business Gets a Modern Look

Visuals are trending, and big-style. If you don’t use them, you give the impression that you’re behind the times.

When you upload visuals on your website, you succeed in telling your client base that your products are up-to-date.

Would you buy a new iPhone that had a visual of a model that’s three generations old?

Of course not!

So, why should you use outdated visual content? If you’re updating your site with content and products, your imagery needs to be as much a priority.

You Appear Professional

Sometimes, just sometimes, text isn’t descriptive enough.

Even the best copywriters fall short when describing products without an image. As if we want to plow through walls of text anymore.

Tl;dr is real, people.

There are websites, and then there are websites. What sets the professional sites apart from the amateurs are the visuals.

Remember that your leads visit your website before making a purchase. Give ‘em a reason to close the sale by incorporating images into your site upgrade.

Show Your Customers That You Care

Emotions aroused by images on your website are a great way of showing you care.

When you spend money on incorporating visuals, your leads get the impression that you didn’t skimp on the production process.

Instead, you show them that you didn’t cut corners and reduce the quality of your product.

Your target audience needs to believe the quality of your product is high before they make a purchase. Visual content is the perfect way of achieving this.

Ever wondered why the big dogs spend so much on their visually stunning advertising campaigns? Not only do they hook us in, but they also give off a sense that they’re investing in us.

We’re suckers for advertising, after all!

Types of Visual Content

 Awesome! Now you’re nodding your head like a donkey in agreement to why visuals are important.

So, what visuals should you use? What are the different types of visuals?

Oh, go on then, we won’t charge you for the list, because we care about you…

Here it is:

  • Infographics.
  • Memes.
  • Videos.
  • Call to action (CTA)


Infographics refer to a visual representation of information e.g., a chart or diagram. They make your text easy to understand at a glance.

Use them! Infographics increase your target audience’s ability to see patterns in the information.

Being able to embed links into infographics makes it easier for your leads to view pertinent information about your product.


Who doesn’t love a meme?

Memes are pieces of humorous, visual content that connects popular trends to everyday life.

We’re pretty sure a meme can be created about anything. Social media lovers hunt for memes daily! Meme Facebook pages generate millions of likes and shares more often than you think.

Why don’t you get in on a piece of this action?

They’re super important because they generate powerful emotions in your target audience. This then creates social shares and an increase in your audience’s engagement.

If you want to increase your credibility with your audience, be sure to use catchy phrases in your memes.

Remember to make the text bold, keep the phrases short and avoid unnecessary words in your memes.


We seem to be better swayed by moving pictures than statics into taking action.

Video content popularity makes them an amazing way of building links for your business.

If you wish to include video content, remember to use autoplay videos as they get more shares.

Want some free advice that will assist in generating video views?

You should be begging for this information:

Use an eye-catching still for your video thumbnail. Align this thumbnail to your target demographic.

Powerful Calls to Action (CTAs)

CTAs, when presented in a visual format, will take your site to the next level. You’ll convert leads into customers when you use bold graphic design for these.

Contrast the text with appropriate colors and visual hierarchy to influence your leads at a deep, subconscious level.

Doing these yourself can be a real pain in the <insert funny meme here>. We know of some expert CTA creators… (wink wink).

Uncommon yet Effective Visual Content

Just because we love you guys soooooo much, have some extra information for free 🙂

Along with the mainstream types of visuals we’ve mentioned, here are some others.

You’ve probably seen these before in your internet browsing travels but may not have consciously picked them up.

Here ya go:

  • Rhetorical questions.
  • Data visualizations.
  • Visual presentations.
  • Annotated screenshots.

Rhetorical Questions

Do you want your business to be a success?

Please don’t answer that. If you did, you have to tell us!!!

Asking rhetorical questions of your audience will help you connect with them as they engage with your content. Create a visual background for your thought-provoking questions and keep them catchy.

The shorter the rhetorical question, the more comments and discussions you’re likely to get.

We humans are lazy!

Data Visualizations

These are used to portray otherwise boring text interestingly. An example of data visualization is a line chart. You should never shy away from this type of visual for fear of their statistical requirements.

Combining the right data with trendy visualizations and interactive content is so powerful. Have you seen the ones that show the growth of competitor brands and businesses over the years?

They’re weirdly captivating…

… and a great way of getting your product and brand seen by the right type peeps.

Visual Presentations

Do you have a slide deck of your product? (that’s another rhetorical question, FYI!)

If so, upload them to your website to increase your traffic.

Your target audience will definitely love engaging with your content if converted to slides. Convert your blog posts to visual presentations and share them on social media.

Annotated Screenshots

Sometimes, even simple visuals are too much for the eyes.

Consider using screenshots with highlighted text, arrows, big and bold underlines… basically, anything that draws readers’ eyes to your information.

Even something like a circle around the information, with an arrow and text saying, “LOOK HERE!” works.

They sound easy, but they can be a pain in the <ahem>. Outsourcing this is always a good investment to make.

Annotated screenshots help your leads understand the concept behind a product than if no visuals were used.

If you want to inspire trust in your target audience, use them to portray customer reviews. Prospects look out for annotated screenshots on websites displaying testimonials before closing a sale.


 Do we get extra points for reiterating that visuals are a great way of connecting with your target audience? Their ability to elicit strong emotions make people engage with them on an epic scale.

It’s a lot easier for you to influence the subconscious minds of your leads when you use images. When your visual content bypasses the rational mind and touches the psyche, you resonate with your prospects.

Your repeat customers will become brand loyalists when you share images with strong calls to action across social media.

Don’t forget to invest in the quality of your visuals. Poorly-designed images will turn away potential customers. Ensure that your visual content is tastefully created and uploaded regularly.

Overlooking the importance of well-designed visuals is like punching yourself in the face. The team here at Clever Touch Marketing are experts on content creation, minus the face-punching!

Come and talk to us 🙂


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