In-House Writers vs Outsourced Content

It’s the age old question for companies. 

Do you:

  1. Produce your content using in-house resources or; 
  2. Outsource your content to a specialist firm. 

Of course, there are benefits and drawbacks associated with each option. As a company it’s important for you to make the right decision. Before you can make this decision, we’ll help you explore all of the important factors to consider.

First, let’s look at the importance of creating the right content for your company.

Factors to consider for in-house writers or outsourced content:

  • Costs.
  • Time.
  • Growth.
  • Organization.
  • Quality of content. 

Why Is Good Quality Content so Important?    

Successfully harnessing the power of content marketing will hugely benefit your company. What was once a rare strategy has now become a necessity. To put it simply, effective content writing could be your path to success. We’ll examine exactly why getting the right content is imperative for your company.    

Builds Trust

Regularly producing content draws people to your website. Generate enough content and you’ll soon gain a reputation as a fountain of knowledge on certain subjects.  

While quantity is important, it’s also about quality. Producing content of value will build a reputation for your website. You’ll begin to create a name for yourself as a reliable source of information.  

Keep Up With Competitors

As we’ve already touched on, in the past, content marketing was a scarcely seen strategy. Now though, it’s an entirely different story. Everyone is writing content as a way to expand their audience. 

It’s not enough to simply have the content. It has to be the right content: engaging, relevant and packed with useful information.  

Improves Brand Awareness

You can use content marketing to draw attention to your company. However, this will only work if you can produce enough good content. Get it right and you’ll soon see an increase of traffic visiting your website.

In-House Writers vs Outsourced Content

Improves Your Search Engine Optimization

Looking to move into the online spotlight? Then you’ll need to improve search engine optimization. To achieve this, you need to be creating significant amounts of content. If you have more content available, it’s more likely you’ll appear in searches. In addition, if it’s valuable information, it’ll encourage your visitors to keep coming back.   

Create Leads

If you want your business to grow, you’ll need to draw in new customers. In marketing terms this is called generating leads. If used effectively, high quality content can draw customers to your website, thereby creating leads.

Check out this video to see why good content marketing is beneficial for your business.

Right, on to the big question. Should you use in-house writers to produce your content? Or is it better to outsource?

What Does Creating In-House Content Mean?

Yes, you’ve guessed it. In-house content is content that’s written within your company. It’s usual practice to have a specific team set up. They’ll be responsible for writing the content which will be published on your website. It can also be referred to as insourcing.

What Is Outsourcing?

Outsourcing your content is a process by which you choose a third party to write your content for you. Don’t worry. It’s not as if you choose anyone. These third parties are usually companies who specialize in writing content for clients. 

They’ll have a team of writers and editors who are responsible for producing the content you request. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of both options.

The advantages of using in-house writers:

  • No need to rely on a third party.
  • Easier to manage costs.
  • Understand your business.
  • Improves your team’s knowledge.

No Need to Rely on Anyone Else

It’s always a bit of a risk when you have to rely on someone else to do something for you. What happens if they let you down? This applies to creating content. If you keep the production of content within your company, then you’ll have more control over what’s happening. 

Control Over Costs

Enrolling the help of a third party to write your content inevitably puts you at the mercy of their pricing. If their prices suddenly go up, you have no choice but to accept or look elsewhere. 

This can be damaging for your company as you may have to stop publishing content for a while. Keeping your writing in-house means you can avoid this disruption.

Knowing Your Business

There’s no arguing the fact that your employees know your company better than a content creation company does. Arguably in-house writers can write more relevant and useful content than anyone else. 

Knowledge Is Power

Within your team, whoever creates the content, has to really understand what they’re writing about. They’ll always have to stay up to date and relevant. They’ll become more knowledgeable therefore an asset to your team.          


  • Takes time and money at the start.
  • Requires a lot of organization.
  • Distracting.
  • Difficult to create engaging content.

Time and Money 

At the beginning, it’s an increased expense if you decide to hire an in-house writer. An in-house writer can cost you more than three times the amount a content marketing agency would. That’s a really big difference! If you’re a small business, these costs will be difficult to bear.

There’s also the time involved. If you want to hire someone to be an in-house writer, of course there’s a process. You’ll have to advertise for the position and then vet each candidate. This time should be used to get your content out there. 

You can delegate the task of content writing to someone already in your company. However it’ll take time for them to become accustomed to the position. It’s unlikely they’ll be able to produce high-quality, captivating content from the word go.  

Needs Organization

If you keep content marketing within the company, everyone needs to understand its importance. Educating people on a new concept takes time. A  content marketing company already understands the importance of good content.

Can Be a Distraction

Creating a new part of your team assigned for content writing can be challenging. As a result it may distract you from your other duties. Outsource your content and you’ll not have to lift a finger. All of your energy can be focused on other profitable tasks.

Captivation Is Key

You have to be sure your in-house writers can create exciting and original content. It should grab your audience’s attention. Content that lacks enthusiasm is a sure way to lose your customers. A third party will have writers who are specifically trained to write appealing content.    

We’ve discussed in-house writers at some length. Stay with us and we’ll guide you through the ins and outs of using outsourced content for your websites. 

The advantages of outsourcing content:

  • Choice.
  • Quick and easy start up.
  • Room for growth.
  • Specific writers for each subject.
  • Cost effective.
  • Capturing expertise.
  • Variation in content.
  • Appeal to the readers.

Multiple Choices

If you decide to outsource your content, you’ll never be short of options. You can search via specific platforms such as LinkedIn. It’s easy to reach out to professionals in content writing. If a specific company doesn’t meet your needs, you can keep searching until you find the perfect match. 

Quick and Easy to Start

Once you’ve decided to start publishing content, it’s natural to want it out there quickly. A content agency is probably your best option for this. Simply submit the guidelines and they’ll do the rest of the work.

Room to Expand

If you’re finding your content is getting lots of positive feedback, it’s likely you’ll want to increase the quantity. Outsourcing is the simplest way to do this. A content marketing company has many highly skilled writers available. They can produce as much content as you need. 

A Writer for Every Subject

It’s possible to find writers within an agency who are specialized in your companies field. This eliminates the problem of third party unfamiliarity with your business.

Keep Costs Down

Outsourcing your content to a third party is an effective way to keep your costs to a minimum. There’ll be a set price list so you know exactly how much you’ll be charged.

Make Use of Expertise

Content creation companies will usually have access to a number of professional tools. These might be for gathering research or helping to build an eyecatching article. It’ll likely take an in-house writer a long time to get used to these tools. That’s if they’ve access to them at all.

Keeping Content Fresh

Using writers from an outside company allows you to benefit from a fresh point of view. Perhaps they’ll see something in a new and different way? Whatever happens, there’s no doubt they’ll be able to write with a different perspective on a certain topic.

Remember the Readers

Content marketing companies understand the necessity of engaging the audience. They’ll also be careful not to put the reader off by using too many technical terms. Everything will be kept clear, concise and interesting.         


  • Have to educate writers on your products.
  • Finding the right company.
  • Plagiarism.

Bringing a Third Party up to Speed

It’s true, you’ll have to take a little bit of time to educate the content writer on your company. This can easily be done through the guidelines. Once you’ve written these guidelines, that’s all you’ll have to do. 

Finding Your Perfect Match

Again, this requires some effort at the beginning. You might have to search around to find a third party that meets your specific needs. However, once you’ve found them, it’ll be simple from then on.

Risk of Plagiarism  

We understand the need for original content is of the utmost importance. It’s always a concern that a third party company might use plagiarized work. A good company will have specific procedures in place to prevent this from occurring.

In-House Writers or Outsourced Content?

While it’s possible to use in-house writers, you’ll miss out on some great benefits that outsourcing can offer you. Delegating your content to an agency allows you to get on and start publishing quickly. You’ll also benefit from the professional and experienced writers a content marketing company employs. 

All in all, we believe it really comes down to finding the right agency to outsource to. Clever Touch Marketing is meticulous in eliminating any outsourcing problems and you’ll always receive the highest level of service. Your content will always be in safe hands.   


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