InLinks Review

Of all the many SEO tools on the market, InLinks is one we strongly admire. It’s packed full of features that will help anyone from simple bloggers to affiliate site owners. Let’s break them down in this InLinks review.

InLinks is a top-notch tool for affiliate site owners, helping you cut content-curating’s countless development hours in half. It optimizes content, keywords and internal links giving you a fantastic time. Users report no flaws and enjoy the free and paid plans.


What is InLinks?

InLinks is an SEO and content optimization software that helps you model your content by determining entities related to your niche. It has a deep focus on internal link silos.

The software takes these entities to create a unique and efficient content strategy for you, boosting your web traffic and retaining your reader base.

What Are Entities in SEO?

An individual entity is an original concept you can easily distinguish from others. For example, SEO and content modeling are both entities of the broader world of affiliate marketing.

Google and other search engines use these entities to rank content and display appropriate search results for any search term.

Your content, the links within it and more tie these entities together. For example, “how content modeling helps SEO” combines the entities “SEO” and “content modeling”.

How Does the Content Optimization Tool Work?

The tool evaluates competitor content as well as yours to ensure you’re hitting the same marks as others. It helps you model your article around topics to supply your customer user base with the content they desire.

InLinks generates information on content, users and related entities to put together top-notch features to optimize your copy. This includes lacing it with keywords, related topics and internal content silos.

Key Features of Inlinks

Outside of creating internal link silos, what can InLinks do? Here are its top features.

Real-Time Trends

Trends change rapidly. Luckily InLinks lets you see results in real-time on your personalized Trends Dashboard. 

Input your topics and see the subjects and trends grow and fall on a graph and by a percentage.

SERPS Analysis

Don’t let the competition get ahead of you. InLinks lets you view what competitor sites in your niche are publishing, and how it’s formatted.

InLinks won’t just show you the subject of the article, but it will show you semantic density, the links within the content and the article’s length. The links are a great add-on for finding products to link out to, and for knowing what internal links to place in your article. 

User Intent

The user intent chart is incredibly smart. It shows you interest volume, weekly trend and monthly trend stats as percentages and graphs.

It’s a feature to help you understand what people are looking for when searching for specific trends. For example, what they do when they search for an article on “how to” do something, vs. a roundup review.

The tool can help you curate your content and optimize it for intent and readability. 

Topic Chart

The topic chart helps you organize subjects into easily readable charts. It breaks topics down by keyword and provides data on each.

Some of the charts will reveal if you covered certain topics too much or too little. There’s also insight on questions and subjects related to each topic.

The charts go so in-depth that they even recommend a content structure that helps your readability.

Free Plan

InLinks’s best feature, in our opinion, is having a free plan. You get a limited but highly functional version of the software. The free plan can give you an idea of what InLinks can do and whether or not you feel the software is for you.

The free plan includes schema, adding internal links and content optimization.

How Does Inlinks Compare To Other SEO/Content Tools?

InLinks compares well to other SEO Content tools. The free plan puts it ahead of the crowd in some regards, and its automatic internal linking and schema are second to none. All you need to do is add some javascript and you’re ready to use those tools.

While adding script isn’t the most beginner-friendly requirement, it’s still simple compared to some other practices.

Overall we can’t fault InLinks and it stands out above other content tools. It’s especially beneficial for affiliate sites thanks to the two features mentioned above. Plus, the topic chart is a fantastic addition that competitor tools lack.

Its only flaw, according to users, is the lack of a minor reporting function—they’d like spall, regular reports on how well their optimized content is performing.

Final Verdict

InLinks is a valuable tool for content optimization and examining niches, keywords and more. The fact that it has a free plan is excellent so you can get a taste of how the tool functions. Plus, its key features are as helpful as you can get and lack blatant flaws. The internal linking optimization is particularly impressive.

We highly recommend InLinks as a tool to optimize your site(s). It’ll be an asset to any niche and any website owner. It may take a bit of training to use it if you’re a beginner but you’ll be there in no time.


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