How Lead Magnet eBooks Can Boost Your Brand, Traffic, and Sales.

If you’re sat wondering “what is a lead magnet ebook?” You’d be surprised to learn that you’ve most likely already come across one.

Have you ever signed up in exchange for a free gift on a website? Do you sometimes see popup windows that promise to give you a free consultation in exchange for your email address? Did you know that such gifts can help boost your brand, traffic, and sales?

If yes, you’ve been converted by a free gift!

A lead magnet is a free product given out in exchange for the recipient’s contact details. It could be a sample of your product, a trial subscription to your service or a free consultation.

Why do companies use lead magnets?

Very simple. Its use is based on the saying a trial will convince you. It’s harder to get first-time customers than to make them brand loyalists. People are wary of the unknown and stick with the familiar. Lead magnets are to entice them to try out your product for the very first time.

Not only that, when a business already has your contact details, they can promote their services via email marketing . You’re likely to pay attention to a company that got your email address in an ethical manner.

People are more favorably disposed towards anyone who has been generous to them and lead magnets leverage on this fact. Marketers take advantage of this aspect of buyer behavior to boost revenue for their company.

What else do I need to know about these free gifts?

Why You Need a Lead Magnet Landing Page

Your Target Audience Take Action As You Wish

You get the desired information from your leads and give them the gift once they’ve satisfied you. Do you want to find out the brand of shoes to sell in your store?

Put a short quiz on your landing page that gets this information from people and gift them once done. The promise of a freebie is enough incentive to make leads complete the quiz. 

You can redirect them to another page that has information pertinent to your product and a link to download the gift.

Ensure that your landing page satisfies the reason why the prospect visited your website. Once his needs are satisfied, he’ll be a repeat customer.

More Successful PPC Campaigns

Lead magnets are a great way of optimizing your landing pages. This streamlining is done in order to increase engagement with the prospects. You get more leads and increased conversions via optimizing your landing pages with lead magnets.

 Not only that, your PPC campaigns get increased click-through rates and more effective placement.

The Return on Investment (ROI) of your campaign increases and you’re ahead of the competition.

Better Brand Reputation

Lead magnet landing pages are a great way of showcasing customer testimonials, success stories and credentials. This lets your prospects know exactly what they stand to gain by exchanging their email for the free gift.

It’s not enough to gift leads who visit your website―these freebies have to portray quality. If your landing page paints you in a good light, the prospect sees your company as worth giving their contact details.

Trust is fostered between you and the potential customer and your brand reputation gets a boost.

Not satisfied? Read on.

Lead Generation, Lead Nurturing, Lead Magnets―What’s the Difference?

If you’re familiar with content marketing, you’ll have come across the words lead generation and lead nurturing. These terms aren’t synonymous with lead magnets. Below are the differences between the phrases:

Lead Generation

It’s the steps taken to arouse the interest of a prospect in your product with the aim of closing sales. The marketing process of lead generation must capture the interest of your potential customer, not just arouse it. 

These steps are taken to increase brand awareness of your product and captivate qualified prospects. A good lead generation strategy must include:

  • Definition of a qualified lead
  • Compelling landing pages and call-to-action
  • Segmented prospects for targeted marketing
  • Effective analytics

Lead Nurturing

This is the process of fostering relationships with qualified leads with the aim of getting them to buy when ready.

Qualified prospects are offered content at each stage of the process that leads them to an eventual purchase. 

Lead nurturing works best when you’ve got a well-defined buyer persona to pitch your products to.

If your lead magnet landing page is well-designed, you create brand awareness and foster relationships. This is a great way of generating leads as well as nurturing them.

This leads us to:

Qualities of a Good Lead Magnet

All lead magnets aren’t created equal. Some deliver on their promises while others are quite deceptive. It’s important for your lead magnet to make prospects close sales―you’re not giving them out for charity’s sake. Here’s what you need to achieve this:

Proffers Real Solutions

A lead magnet must solve a real problem directly related to your product. You’re not going to give out concert tickets if your business is into educational software programs.

You want the prospect to value the free gift? It must be something he’d otherwise have paid money for―added to being directly connected to your product.

Avoid Generic Lead Magnets

Get down to the specifics in your free gift. The benefits of exchanging contact details for the lead magnet should be clearly stated. 

Free gifts that are specific to a particular need are what your potential customers want. Run a creative writing course? Instead of giving away an ebook about creative writing, gift your prospects a crash course on children’s writing.

Demonstrates Your Expertise

Remember this is your chance to showcase your competence in your field. Avoid gifts produced by someone else.

Want your potential customers to turn into converts? Your lead magnets must be produced by you. Not only that, they must demonstrate your expertise well enough to inspire the target audience to close sales.

Meaningful and Valuable

The free gift must be perceived as being of high value.  Remember to avoid all forms of deception in order to make your lead magnet be of high actual value.

If it’s going to be meaningful, your prospects need to find it easy to understand and apply.

Instant Delivery

Ensure that your leads get the gift with just one click right after they provide their contact details. 

If you keep them waiting or promise to deliver a few days later, there’s the risk of losing credibility. Prospects put aside time to follow the steps necessary to get the freebie because they want instant gratification.

You know there are different types of lead magnets out there, right? Let’s examine how lead magnet eBooks can boost your brand, traffic, and sales.

Categories of Lead Magnet eBooks


This works effectively because of its specificity. Marketers love using guides because one buyer persona can be targeted with their use.

Want this type of lead magnet to work for you? Include in your landing page exactly who they’re meant for and a quick overview of its contents.

The good thing about them is only those who are your potential customers will bother downloading them. This way, you don’t have a contacts list filled with unqualified leads who actually don’t want your product.


This works well because it provides condensed information about a broad topic in a time-saving manner. Handouts are presented as checklists in a succinct manner and are usually no more than two pages.

Your prospects can apply the information contained immediately, become convinced of their value and purchase the real deal super quick.

Resource Lists

These provide the prospects with reference information to be used repeatedly without having to conduct research for online resources.

If you’ve already got tools and resources your leads can use, this type of lead magnet will boost your brand.

Sales Material

You probably have been nurturing leads via other means. Sales material works best for prospects who are already interested in your product and need to make a purchase decision.

Companies sometimes present it as a catalog in eBook format.  Want to provide free advice on which product best satisfies a particular need? Sales material is the way to go.

How to Promote Your Lead Magnet

Already produced your free eBook? You need to let the word out. Below are ways to promote your lead magnet:

Social Media

It’s a good idea to share your eBook on social media. To do this, write a catchy post about your lead magnet and insert the link to your landing page.

Answer questions relevant to your eBook on social media and leave the link at the bottom.

Email Signature

Add a link to your lead magnet in your email signature. If your business sends emails a lot, this is a great way of promoting your lead magnet.

It’s an effective way to get your eBook noticed in a non-intrusive manner.

Guest Posts

Promote your lead magnet via guest posting on authoritative sites. This way, you get lots of traffic to your website and downloads of your eBook.

Be sure to include it in the author bio of your guest post.


Lead magnet eBooks provide easy-to-understand information that are just as valuable as an eBook you pay for.

They are easy to produce, promote and are valued by most buyer personas. 

Don’t overlook the importance of promoting your content—or the marketers who create lead magnets for you. Contact Clever Touch Marketing today, to discuss your business goals and how our content marketing team can help you


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