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Link Building is an integral part of any niche affiliate site strategy. White-hat outreach is the most effective way to obtain links to your site.

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Our link-building services cover everything you need to get your site dominating the SERP. In combination with our SEO Content, your niche affiliate site is destined for success.

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Digital PR (DFY HARO)
Guest Posts
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If you’re not familiar with Help A Reporter Out, let us get you acquainted. 

Basically, it’s a platform that allows journalists to connect with sources through thrice-daily newsletters. Emails are sent out Mondays to Fridays packed with queries from reporters across a broad range of categories. A few examples are Business & Finance, Travel, and Health & Lifestyle.

So, how can this help you and your business?

For one, there are queries from reporters writing for high-DR authority sites such as Medium and ForbesGood linking practices are vital for success in the SERPs, and backlinks can make a massive difference.

If your HARO pitch is selected, they’ll feature you as a source in their story. That means your name and your website will gain visibility: your traffic and DR could shoot up overnight if you acquire a backlink with enough link juice. 

Next, it’s essentially the ultimate strategy for whitehat link building. There’s no payment exchanged, and you won’t suddenly acquire a massive number of links over a short period as with other tactics.  

All you’re doing is offering a reporter valuable commentary or information for their story. In exchange, you get a link back—it’s a win-win for everyone!

We’ve been working with HARO for clients for many years and over that time, built up lots of relationships with journalists that now either send us the queries before posting them in HARO or have started their own HARO Alternatives. That’s why it is now considered “Digital PR”.

In terms of how it works, we would book you in for an initial onboarding call where we will go through the service with you and discuss your needs in terms of link acquisition, analyze your competition and come up with a plan on the best way to proceed. From there you would pay a deposit of $325 which covers your first link with us.

We assign a dedicated agent to your account and every day (Monday-Friday) they curate possible media opportunities that meet your requirements and they liaise directly with reporters and keep track of everything for you to monitor.

Once we acquire links, we will bill for all DR50+, do-follow, individual (one per site) links once they are live and provide a full report. We will also continuously track the performance of your site in terms of site DR, traffic and CTR to see the correlation between those metrics.

Are you an agency already offering link-building services to your clients and would like to add a DFY HARO option? We white label our service too!

This outreach technique means contacting webmasters directly in order to either submit a post to the site that adds value to their content and links back to your site.

All you need to do is give us the link and anchor text you require, and we will find a suitable site, deal with the webmaster, create the content and submit it.

It is a totally hands-off and pain-free process for our clients. You simply provide us with the URLs and anchor text you want and we do the rest.

The Report:

Once your links have been secured and are live, we will provide you with a full report of the URL, DR, and monthly traffic from the site.

Similar to guest posts, we take care of everything for you. This technique means we contact the webmaster of a relevant site and ask to update an existing link (often if out of date or broken) on their site and replacing it with one to your site instead.

Again, this is a totally hands-off process for our clients.

A press release is the ultimate link acquisition method that is used by global brands to build links at scale. 

We will write a professional press release and distribute your press release to hundreds of top-name media sites including FOX, CBS, ABC as well as direct distribution to Associated Press journalists and editors.

The Report

Once your links have been secured and are live, we will provide you with a full report.

Social Signals are likes/shares/comments/variations of those; on Social Media Platforms, like Facebook, Twittter, and Pinterest.

For your URL to get one social signal, there needs to be one like/share/comment/etc. on a post INCLUDING your URL.
That means, for there to be 10,000 Social Signals for your URL, there needs to be 10,000 of those.

So, how do those help your Google ranking?

Social signals simulate a viral effect and can help improve your other SEO efforts.

Social Signals however, do not guarantee that you’ll get ranking, or business.

The power of Social Signals depends on many factors, for example, the SEO groundwork you’ve laid, and on what URL you are targeting them, have you recently done any sorts of link building, content updates and/or other changes to that page, etc.

So, as long as you are doing other sorts of link building, content updates and other changes to the page you’re sending them to, Social Signals can simulate a viral effect and could help improve your ranking.

Want the best links available without having to lift a finger? That’s what our monthly packages are for!

In this service, we’ll analyze your existing backlink profile, plan out a full link-building campaign based on your budget and keywords, then implement this plan for you with monthly update reports.


Competitor Backlink Audit: Anchor Text Analysis- DR Breakdown- Page-Level Breakdown
6000 social signals
2 niche relevant DR 45+ Guest Posts
Starter PR distribution
10 hours of Media Outreach management


Competitor Backlink Audit: Anchor Text Analysis- DR Breakdown- Page-Level Breakdown
6000 social signals
4 niche relevant DR 45+ Guest Posts
Advanced PR distribution
15 hours of Media Outreach management


Competitor Backlink Audit: Anchor Text Analysis- DR Breakdown- Page-Level Breakdown
6000 social signals
5 niche relevant DR 60+ Guest Posts
Mogul PR distribution
20 hours of Media Outreach management

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What Our Customers Have to Say

Need a Quote? Build Your Campign

Do you offer discounts

If you opt for one of our other services, such as content creation, we are open to negotiating a package deal. Otherwise, prices for our link building packages are fixed.

Are the links safe?

Yes, absolutely. All links you receive as a result of our outreach will be the best kind — natural — rather than paid.

Are the links permanent?

That will depend upon the individual site’s policy. With press releases, for example, these usually have an expiration date as news cycles are constantly changing.

Do you use foreign links?

If you want links to non-English-only websites, be sure to specify that when we are planning your outreach campaign. We will never solicit links from sources you are not comfortable with.

What if I want a custom outreach campaign?

We’d be delighted to work with you to create one. Get in touch with us and we’ll discuss how to proceed.

How long will it take to see results?

We require at least one month to six weeks of commitment for you to see results from our efforts. Natural link building demands time, and we ask that you be patient to see a return on your investment. You have to consider each website’s publishing schedule as well as the time it takes for Google to index the page.