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What Is SEO Content Writing?

SEO conversion content—which can include anything from social media posts to skyscraper articles and blog posts—is written to rank high on search engines. We don’t need to tell you that search engine rankings, especially on big names like Google, can make all the difference when it comes to boosting traffic, acquiring leads, and increasing your ROI.

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Rank Higher

Rank high on the first page of Google through extensive research with high authority citations.

Better SEO

Increase on-page time with content that’s engaging, relatable, and informative.

Increase Sales

Convert into sales with copy based around the foundational principles of consumer psychology.


Content Creation
Keyword Research
SEO Content Optimization

Need content that takes your affiliate site to the next level and blows your competition out of the water? We have been specializing in the production of niche affiliate, SEO conversion content for over five years and are even recommended by Authority Hacker.

We have a full-time, in-house team that includes writers and editors, so you don’t have to worry about double-checking your content for errors or plagiarism. We grant our staff access to tools such as Grammarly and Copyscape to guarantee flaw-free, 100% original SEO content.

We have comprehensive writing goals that are updated alongside SEO trends, and we have an established content creation process to ensure that each title is given the attention and due diligence it deserves.
Our team has experience using tools such as Surfer SEO and understands how to optimize each piece of content for SEO practices including Natural Language Processing (NLP).

In terms of pricing, our content is priced per 1000 words and is between $0.06 and $0.095 depending on the amount of content needed and whether it includes SEO optimization such as SurferSEO. All of our content includes additional add-ons that most agencies don’t offer such as long-form infographics, direct uploading into WordPress, and integrating with plugins such as AAWP and WPRM.

Keyword research ensures you’re hitting the right terms to get your content number one on Google’s search results.
We begin with a content audit and analysis, using both Ahrefs and SEMrush to see the current gap in your existing content.

We then use competitor analysis to find the types of keywords and topics that are popular search terms within your target audience and buyer personas.
Next, we build a list of appropriate keywords to target that won’t duplicate existing content. We also come up with suggested titles and word counts for articles based on these keywords.

If you have a new site, we can handle the entirety of your keyword research to produce a solid foundation for SEO content that’s guaranteed to appease demanding search engines. We’ll research must-include keywords for your entire site, including pillar content or hub pages, breaking down subtopics, and continuing as detailed above.

You tell us what you want to be checked, whether it’s content on your website, copy you’ve purchased from a freelancer or a 5,000-word skyscraper article—we’re open to anything. 

You don’t want to post content riddled with errors or dead links. Rather than have content drafted from scratch, have it proofread instead. Then, one of our experienced editors will meticulously review the content and leave comments where appropriate for your reference. They’ll check all aspects of the content, including:

Spelling and grammar.
Flow (how well the text reads).
Sources (if links are valid and appropriate).

Our proofreading services do not include amending or revising the text, or optimizing it for SEO. We simply point out anything that needs addressing for you or your team to manage. 

You send us the content you want us to rework and explain what you’re looking for. For example, you may have content prepared by different individuals on your website. In that case, our editors could ensure everything sounds the same in terms of tone and style to ensure consistency across the board.

They can also amend the articles to keep the formatting, source style, and keyword density consistent. Uniformity is important for any website, but even more so for affiliate sites with a persona behind them. You want everything to sound like it came from the same person, right?

We can also optimize for SEO using Surfer, Frase or InLinks. You provide us with your templates and we optimize the content accordingly. For example, you can update that outdated website you just bought with Surfer SEO to improve its position in SERPs.

SURFER Optimization

Surfer SEO is one of the smartest cloud-based tools out there. It automates real-time guidelines that will help your pages rank higher in search engines.

The tool is simple to use—insert your focus keyword and get a fully comprehensive guide topped with additional keywords, important questions and topics to include.

By including a Surfer SEO guide along with your order, our writers will optimize your content accordingly, while keeping the reader’s interest in mind.


Frase Content is another smart SEO tool that creates content briefs for writers to follow to ensure all necessary keywords and terms are included.

The tool provides an easy way to research and compare hundreds of pages with very little effort—leaving you more time to focus on writing.

Similar to Surfer SEO, our writers will optimize your content according to the Frase Content Briefs while avoiding keyword stuffing and ensuring each sentence adds value for your readers.

An SEO Agency You can trust.

We’ve been awarded best global small SEO Agency, Best integrated Agency and Best Global Agency in the past three months alone. 

What Our Customers Have to Say

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Your Writers and Editors Native Speakers?

Yes: all of our team are either originally from the UK, US, Australia or New Zealand although they live all over the world as digital nomads. Previously all of our staff were ex-pats based in Egypt, but since the pandemic, our team works remotely. This, however, has not changed our SOPs.

What’s Your Turnaround Time?

We require one week for writing and one week for editing, infographic production and uploading to ensure each article meets our high standards for content. However, for regular orders content is delivered weekly, it will simply be the content ordered two weeks prior.

What if I’m Not Satisfied with My Articles?

We rarely, if ever, receive requests from our clients for rewrites. However, if you are not 100-percent satisfied with the work you’ve been provided we will do our best to amend it.

In this case, please send us a message with as much detail and feedback as possible in order for our team to identify the issues and make a note of them for future content. 

However, in order to avoid disappointment, please ensure you provide us with as much information as possible in regards to your preferences when ordering content so that we can deliver what you are looking for the first time.

Will Your Writers and Editors Know My Website?

No, not if you don’t want them to. However, we do find it’s helpful if you can provide a few example articles from your existing content so that we can replicate your desired tone and style.

What Niches Do You Accept?

We work with most niches however we won’t write about what we deem inappropriate. For niches like weapons, gambling, and any adult content, please contact us before ordering to ensure we have writers comfortable working within the niche.

Can I Request A Specific Writer?

For long-term orders, we try to ensure the same content team work on your articles as we find this is the best way to maintain consistency. However, depending on the amount of content you require on a weekly basis, it may not be possible to have only one writer. However, we always keep the same editor on each contract to keep consistency between the writers.

Will My Content Be Plagiarism Free?

Yes. All of our content is run through Copyscape to ensure it passes before sending it back to you. The only instances that may occur are if you are quoting specific product names which are unavoidable.

What Is Content Optimization?

Content optimization uses paid tools to analyze the top-ranking articles for a given keyword and put together a list of things that they include so that you have a roadmap to the top of the Google search results. This will include things like the ideal word count for your article, semantically related keywords to include as well as things like how many bolded words or images to include.

We were one of the first companies to offer content optimization with Surfer and have been offering this service to our clients already for more than 12 months. It is something we are vastly experienced with. However, as more tools become available, we now accept tools other than Surfer such as InLinks, Frase, and MarketMuse also.

Please note, our optimization fee is solely to cover the additional time needed by our team in order to meet the specific requirements within the optimization content editor documents and NOT to produce the documents themselves. We include only the basic content editor documents for SurferSEO, if you require NLP optimization, you must include these documents yourself.

Do You Offer Discounts?

Yes, we do on bulk orders. We offer a 10% discount for 10,000 words and above, a 15% discount for orders of over 50,000 words and a 20% discount for order over 100,000 words.