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Clever Touch Marketing is a specialist SEO agency with integrated services allowing us to ensure your affiliate site performs in all areas. 

Our team can help you to boost rankings, double your revenue and in turn, increase your ROI.

On average, our full site management clients see an increase of a minimum of 30% in organic traffic within 60 days. Long term, we have had clients see an increase in organic traffic of up to 420% within 12 months.

It’s results like this that are the reason why our SEO experts are trusted by We Are Search and Don’t Panic Projects to be part of an esteemed judging panel for Search Awards throughout the world.

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What You Can Expect From CTM


There is no secrecy when it comes to our strategy. There’s no “special sauce” that only we know the recipe for. We will tell you exactly what we find, what we plan to do about it, how long it will take, and what results you can expect. Simple.

Seriously Comprehensive Audits

Our audits go above and beyond to ensure your site is looked at from all angles. In our full site audits, we don't just cover on-page SEO, we will audit your site design with UX and CRO in mind, audit your content and silo structure, backlinks as well as on-page and technical SEO. You'll also receive a 30-minute live video audit of your site and a 30-page report.

A Dedicated Team

For a truly successful SEO strategy to work, one random SEO guy just isn't going to do the trick. With CTM, you get a fully integrated team covering SEO, content, and link building as well as a manager to oversee it all.

Our Services Are Tailor-Made

Any SEO worth their salt will never offer you a box-standard SEO package.

Why? Because SEO is not a one-size-fits-all thing. 

Your site is completely individual. Not only does what you need depend on your niche, the current health of your site, and your goals, search algorithms change daily, so what was a top-ranking factor yesterday, may be replaced by something else tomorrow. 

That’s why to determine what your site needs and what is going to benefit you the most and offer the best ROI, we need to assess your site first. 

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What We Can Do For You

Our Core Services

Get What YOU Need

Website Assessment

A basic website assessment is the first step in your SEO journey. Whether you are looking to get a tailored SEO package around what your site needs or you want to check out a site you’re looking to buy or even look into the competition, this is the place to start. 


Get a 30 Minute, live mini-audit to highlight issues on your site. Covers on-site, off-site, and technical SEO, CRO, and UX. We will also include a round-up of the findings with a plan of action moving forward.

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SEO Audit

We will assess your site for any on-page, off-page, and technical issues and provide you with a 30-minute detailed assessment video.

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Get What YOU Need

Full Site Audit

We will audit your entire site checking for CRO, UX, and SEO issues (on-page, off-page, and technical issues) as well as content and backlinks and provide you with a 30-minute detailed assessment video as well as a full 30-page report.

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SEO Hourly Fixes

Have some SEO issues on your site you’d like someone to fix for you? We offer an hourly SEO service to fix any issues discovered in an audit. Covering both on-page and technical issues.

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Ready To Skyrocket Your Earnings?

    Recently Added

    New Services For 2021

    Core Web Vitals Optimization

    Core web vitals are incredibly important for both users and search engines. So much so, that Google has already announced they will play a major role in their May 2021 core algorithm update.

    We are already implementing our Core Web Vitals Optimization across our managed sites and seeing huge results. Ensure your site isn’t left behind, check your CWV today!

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    Page Speed Optimization

    The speed of your site not only impacts your ranking in the SERPs, but also how your visitors use your site.

    Ensuring your site is lightning fast will set you ahead of the competition.

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    ADA Compliance Optimization

    Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) ensures that websites are accessible to everyone and is a legal requirement for many sites. With huge amounts of site owners facing legal action because their site is not up to standard, make sure you get your site up to compliance standards today.

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    Website Assessment


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    Full Site Audit


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    Hourly SEO

    $50.00 Per Hour

    ADA Compliance Optimization


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are Your Staff SEO Professionals?

    Yes. Our COO and resident SEO expert, Jenny, oversees all of our SEO projects. Jenny is a qualified professional and well known within the SEO community.

    All of our staff have been trained by Jenny personally and hold qualifications with SEMRush.

    What Is The TAT?

    For optimization services, the turnaround time for each service will depend on how much optimization needs to be performed. This is on a site-to-site basis.

    For audits and site assessments, you will be given an estimated TAT after placing an order. On average, assessments take 24 hours and audits take 3-5 days.

    What's Included in The ADA Compliance Service?

    We will ensure that all of your images meet recommended guidelines by optimizing the titles and alt tags for screen readers.

    We will also add an accessibility panel to your website that can be used by site visitors to make the site meet their individual requirements, such as increasing the size of the text, highlighting headings, and so on. This will be customized to your site colors and added across the site for both desktop and mobile.

    You can see an example of this in the lower left-hand corner of our site. Clicking the orange accessibility button will open the accessibility panel.

    Does The ADA Compliance Service Guarantee I Won't Face Legal Action?

    No. As sites are continually added to and open to other users, we can not guarantee this. However, we are giving you the tools to keep your site compliant and fight any claims against you.

    What Is Included in The Core Web Vitals Service?

    We will work to ensure that all of your pages pass (above 90%) for accessibility, best practices, and SEO with Google Lighthouse on both desktop and mobile.

    Note that the price will depend on how much optimization will need done across the site, therefore, we will need to complete a quick assessment first and discuss with you the best plan of action as well as offer a quote.

    What Is Included in The Site Speed Optimization Service?

    Like the Core Web Vitals Service, we will aim to ensure all of the pages on your site are above 90% on both mobile and desktop for speed with Google PageSpeed Insights and performance in Google Lighthouse.

    Again, we will need to assess you site and discuss the best plan of action. For sites with very poor performance, we may need to change the theme, use additional tools such as a CDN and remove plugins to reach optimal performance. This will need to be agreed beforehand.

    Obviously, if you are not happy to proceed with any of the recomendations, we can still perform the service, however, the results we can achieve may be limited. We will, however, aim to achieve the best possible results based on the circumstances.

    Can I See Samples?

    We can provide screenshots of results from sites we have worked on without revealing the site itself.