What Is SEO?

Your acronym game might be weak, but your traffic prowess doesn’t have to be. Search engine optimization, or SEO for the nerds, is about arranging your content in a savvy way that promotes visibility. It helps you secure the quality, and quantity, of website traffic you’re seeking.

It’s time you learn the basic ins and outs before your site is left behind in a cloud of metaphorical dust. We break it down for you here, so throw on your favorite jams and crack the SEO code with us.

What is SEO includes:

  • SEO defined.
  • How does it work?
  • Building a SEO-friendly site.
  • Upping organic traffic.

SEO Defined

Gaining that critical influx of traffic is often the bane of our existence. The online world is a wild one and without quality folks coming in and out, business is sure to suffer.

That’s where SEO comes into play. Search engine optimization includes a variety of tactics and methods to help us weed out the spammers and catch the leads we need.

SEO does this by placing your website in a high ranking among search engines, which guarantees that those you want to visit the site actually do. You need to learn how it works, first and what factors can make or break success.

How It Works

Did we lose you yet? Search engine optimization can be quite complex when you take into account all the different processes that affect your website’s ranking. That doesn’t mean it takes an all-around genius to figure it out, though.

For starters, search engines need to provide an optimal service for their users. They’re in competition too, you know? To do that, they must make sure they’re providing people with relevant, high-quality returns upon searching.

How does that happen?

Imagine these engines are detective bots. They filter through website after website to understand what they’re all about. Based on the topics and keywords found, these bots are then able to detect the site’s purpose and rank it accordingly.

Other Factors

Highly-searched words or phrases isn’t the only factor.

Is your site intuitive and friendly? Or is it more like exploring your messy living room at home? Search engines rank this too, giving priority to sites that have a stellar and easy-to-use platform in place. Noone wants to visit a clunky site.

Additional factors that affect SEO include, but are not limited to:

  • Meta description: It’s your tagline that reports to the search bots. This text blurb gives a bit more information on what your page is about and informs potential readers, as well. We like to include a few details and the main keywords, of course. Stick to the basics.
  • Title: Are we stating the obvious here? Your title is what draws the traffic. This is why it needs to be succinct, catchy and clear.
  • Headers: Not only do they break up the text. Headers make your site easier to read, for everyone, including the robots that we desperately need to impress.
  • Internal links: Linking to other relevant pages within your site further helps search engines determine your content.
  • Mobile-friendly: Without it, we’re doomed! Many prefer searching via their phones, opposed to a desktop or laptop. Your site must be mobile-friendly to get the results you crave.
  • Page speed: Noone wants to spend their valuable time attempting to scroll through a page at a snail’s pace. Keep your site up to speed to improve the experience of users and search engines.

SEO Tips

The factors above give us a good idea of what matters when it comes to implementing SEO. We can’t begin to tell you the number of tips we received from experts when we first dove into this three-letter world.

There’s not enough time in the day to tell you everything. But here are a few of our top SEO tips to get the ball rolling.

Keep Your Site Updated

Websites that keep churning out new content are the ones that do well on search engines. Information is always changing and it’s imperative that to stay in the game, you actually keep up with it all, from trends to updates.

Yes, it doesn’t end.

Stay dynamic by including a blog with regular posts, for example. Keep it fresh with a variety of formats and styles.

Be Real

Most people aren’t looking to read research papers. Or content that sounds monotonous and drab.

Put yourself out there, be personal and approachable. Imagine you’re talking with your audience, not at them. Engagement is key to keeping them around and this gives you the freedom to make it happen.

Maintain Focus

It’s a real travesty (dramatic, we know) when you happen upon a website and it’s so scattered with topics that you give up right away. Ugh. Don’t be that website.

Make sure your site remains relevant, clear and to the point. Think about the primary message your company is looking to send. Or the topic that’s most essential. Stick with that and don’t veer too far off course.

Build Linkable Relationships

Internal links aren’t the only ones you should create.

You want websites linking you too, but first, you gotta give to others. Linking to external sites of value provides your readers with more information, which is always a plus. It also puts you in good standing with the websites you’re linking.

Over time, you’ll have the confidence to reach out to authority sites that are relevant to your topic and ask that they link to your website.

Do keep “quality not quantity” in mind here. You don’t want to go crazy for no reason, that does nothing for authority. Instead, be strategic and think about your company’s mission when you use those links.

Get Results

Like any other topic in the online world, SEO is always changing, but the rules included here remain the same. Don’t get overwhelmed.

It isn’t as convoluted as it sounds, either. Keep your page updated and dynamic, be authentic and build relationships of value. Take advantage of your keywords without going overboard to the point where it sounds like a record on repeat.

Reach out to us here at Clever Touch Marketing for additional support with your content marketing strategy and more.


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