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Taking care of your website is incredibly time-consuming. However, the importance of general housekeeping is often unestimated and can make a huge impact on your rankings and ROI. Moreover, an out-of-date website can be a major security risk. That’s where our WordPress Housekeeping Service comes in.

For a small monthly retainer, we can ensure your site stays on track by updating and uploading content, monitoring performance and SEO, and updating your site and plugins.

We will include a free SEO audit each month so that you can highlight any tasks that need to be done the following month as well as send you a full report.


We offer numerous packages that cover a set amount of hours designed to suit your needs and budget. All of the work is timed and time reports are included in your monthly report.
You can submit as many tasks as you wish within your time budget and as a fully integrated agency, we can cover almost any task you need.

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What The Service Covers

Content Uploading
Basic SEO
Accessibility Fixes
WordPress Monitoring

Although we include basic uploading as part of our content service, it has become apparent that as affiliate content evolves, there is a need for more complicated and unique elements to be included as part of the uploading process to make your content stand out from the crowd. 

For that reason, we now include more complicated uploads in our WP Housekeeping Service. As long as you provide us with details of exactly how you want your content uploaded, we can do it for you.

This can include:
Basic Gutenberg Uploads
Basic AA Link Management
AAWP Product Linking
Custom Product Boxes With Elementor
Lasso Product Boxes
Pretty Links Management

Keeping your on-page SEO on point is a major key to site success. Ensuring even the smallest of jobs are kept on top of can make a huge difference in the SERPs.

But the truth of the matter is, most people don’t have time to spend on those small, repetitive tasks, which is where we come in.
We will run an audit (Normally $250) each month to highlight any issues you may want to assign to us to take care of. These can include:

Image optimization
Image Alt Text and Title Tags
Page indexing
Sitemap Errors
Broken Link Fixing
Orphan Page Fixing
Link Attributions
Meta Description Fixes
Heading Tag Fixes
Basic speed optimization
Tap target sizing

Ensuring your website is accessible to everyone is incredibly important and not meeting best practices can land you in a whole heap of trouble not only with Google, but legally.
We will monitor your site’s accessibility and let you know if any issues need to be rectified such as:
Heading sequencing
Link descriptions
Contrast ratio adjustments
Button descriptions

Keeping your WordPress Website up-to-date is hugely important as sites are more vulnerable to attacks when plugins and themes are not regularly updated. 

With our service, we will continuously update and manage your WordPress website with tasks including:

Design Adjustments
Plugin management
WordPress Updates
Theme Updates
Security Monitoring

Are Tasks Really Unlimited?

Yes! All tasks are times using our timetracking software, therefore, you have unlimited tasks within your chosen amount of time based on your package.

What Is The Task TAT?

We aim to complete all tasks within 24 hour within working hours. If you submit tasks over our weekend (Friday and Saturday) tasks will be completed on a Sunday.

Will You Need To Add Any Plugins To My Site?

We have a number of paid, professional plugins we need to install for SEO, security, performance, and backing up your website. These not only allow us to monitor and fix issues quickly, saving time, but our security plugins prevent your website from being hacked.

Can I Upgrade My Plan?

Yes! You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your plan at anytime. Simply contact us via our client portal and any changes will take place on your next billing cycle.

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